Cafe Malmani, Jeonju

Cafe Malmani is a quaint coffee shop on a corner tucked away between blocks of apartments in Hyojadong. There you can get various drinks such as a hot latte or iced americano and deserts like pat bingsu or honey toast. Now, I know that those drinks and deserts are pretty standard at any Korean coffee shop, but what should really drive the nail into the board is their spaghetti.

With only 3 choices on the menu, it doesn’t seem that overly exciting. The thing is, their pasta is delicious, well priced, and flavored perfectly. You have three choices of spaghetti: The malmani, cream, and natural spaghetti. My husband and I went for the malmani spaghetti and it was brought to us in under ten minutes, presented beautifully with sprouts for garnish, and had just an edge of peppery spice. We shared it but could have easily ordered our own. It was gone within minutes and definitely worth it!

I ordered an iced americano which was decent, but nothing to rave about. It was a little weak for my taste as I like my coffee nice and strong. Sometimes the ice doesn’t help when it melts and dilutes it but it was a hot day and much needed.

The cafe has comfortable chairs around small tables, some bar style seating, and couches by the large picture windows. The decor is simple with natural colors and zebra printed items. Also, there are little horse models everywhere in display cases possibly to go with the animal theme, but I really don’t know and it just seems to work.

On the menu, the spaghetti dishes are ordered as following: Malmani spaghetti, cream spaghetti, and natural spaghetti. On the opposite side, the dishes are a pork cutlet, a mystery baked dish with cheese and tomato sauce, and tasty rice balls seasoned and rolled in kim (seaweed).

Below, I have pinned the cafe’s location. It sits on a corner and can be viewed from the main road that it’s closest too.

I hope you enjoy the spaghetti if you find yourself at Cafe Malmani. I give this place 3/4 hearts. The menu for pasta is limited to spaghetti and the coffee is good but not amazing; however, the spaghetti that they do have is delicious, the service good, and the atmosphere is comfortable. I hope this helps and happy eating!

Rachel Hanhart

I'm just a girl....a girl who likes wine and staring at...well..nothing! I zone out often, need coffee every 2 hours, and always forget how to spell girrafe, or is it giraffe?